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Our passion for food, our belief in provenance, seasonality and local, drive us to create better pizza every time.
Trust nkd to create a pizza celebration that you will feel good about serving, and your friends, family, colleagues will feel good about eating.

You can choose from our famous signature pizzas,
our tantalizing season drive Chef Specials, our Limited Edition pizzas.
We have Gluten free options, vegan pizza options, created with the Dublin Vegan Societies help, and thin and traditional pizza bases.


Team parties

If you are looking for a tastier, healthier treat for you
and your team nkd pizza is the only choice.



Kids party packages

Our simple and yummy kids party packages
provide children with pizzas they will love
and grown ups will feel good about.




Our delicious pizza base is made from scratch, by hand, in-store with ten
ancestral grains and water. Our super grains such as Quinoa and Amaranth, a super grain which is composed of 15-18% protein, is bound with water,
before proofing for 48 hours, creating tastier, healthier pizza base.
Free from processed grains, you and your party can enjoy our pizza without having to worry about that bloated feeling afterwards.




And our 100% natural pizza base
is also our focaccia base, and the key
ingredient in our banana and chocolate swirls.




Our traditional meats and cheeses
are carefully selected with taste, quality,
provenance, and seasonality in mind.
Every day our vegetables are freshly
chopped. We believe in better.



Indulgence from West Cork

Our Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies
are so delicious. We are known to seek out
a new batch when it arrives, just to “taste” it again.
Made by hand, near mystic Gouganbarra
in West Cork, our brownies will definitely
leave your guests wanting more.



Our Irish Ice cream

Handmade in County Wicklow
our Nobó ice cream creators wanted to develop
healthier treats from simple nutritious ingredients.
Our Nobó Chocolate and Almond,
and Salted Caramel pots are simply yum.10511976


Looking for traditional, Italian ice cream?
Made with only Irish dairy produce,
Morelli’s of Coleraine is our number one choice!
Our Morelli’s double cream vanilla
is made with butter and cream
from the famous Ballyrashane Creamery
on the Northern Ireland’s Causeway coast.
You will not be disappointed.




We deliver piping hot pizza, sides,
desserts on time to your door,
office party, kids birthday celebrations …

Competitive Pricing

We can tailor a package
to suit your requirements,
just contact Simona on 01 4975457