about us


NKD Pizza Dublin


We were born from an idea
that pizza can be better.

It is in our DNA. We make that happen everyday by working with the best people who are as passionate about food as we are…


We are all about Taste.

The quality of our produce, the people we work with, all strive to create truly delicious food everytime. We believe by always looking to work with people who care as much about food as we do, we are collectively putting health and well being at the centre of everything. Working with like minded producers, we take great pride in producing only the best pizza from natural, quality ingredients, at a fair price. We are natural innovators, open to new ideas, recipes and ways of working. We are constantly challenging ourselves and our wider community to develop delicious menu ideas.


We are all about Health and Well-being.

Our suppliers are our partners. Our ingredients are fresh, sourced locally, and prepared fresh in-store. We don’t buy in dough stabilizer filled pizza/focaccia bases and pre-chopped veg. Our base is 100% natural, made from ten grains, by hand, from scratch. Our base is 19% protein.


We believe in seasonality.

Our Chef recipes change with the season. We are not formula driven but food driven.
We work with our Chef, Nutritionist and our producers to create delicious recipes from the best in-season produce while still featuring our much loved signature creations.
Our food doesn’t give you that bloated feeling after eating, because our food is made from real quality fresh produce. We never compromise on food quality.


We believe in better.
We are tastier.healthier.better


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